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CCI Investments has evolved over the last 25 years into a full-service, nationwide Mobile Home Park (MHP) consulting firm. We started in the MHP business in California, where we’re from, buying and selling our own parks, and some for clients. But by 2006, the CA market became too hot, and it became nearly impossible to find good deals on parks not only in CA, but in any of the Western states.

Around this time, CCI founder and president Robert Merchant, who was born and raised in Mississippi, was back there visiting family for the holidays and spotted a MHP in Columbus MS whose numbers looked fantastic by CA standards, so he bought it. It worked out so well for him that he bought another one close by, then another. Before long, it became necessary for us to develop the systems, people and resources necessary to run multiple MHPs from 2,000 miles away. As we began to develop, and as confidence grew in CCI’s abilities to not only run these parks, but to improve them in terms of their CASH FLOW and VALUE, many investors wanted in. I myself began buying MHPs in the South, and continue to do so today.


Over these last 17 years, as the scale of our operations have expanded from a few parks to over 70, the scope of our job has broadened to address the growing, and increasingly diverse challenges of our growing family of MHPs. Over time, this has evolved to the point that today we have overlapping layers of operational oversight at every level, the people in place to supervise the Onsite Managers and essentially run every aspect of park Operations, repair crews who work exclusively for us and travel park-to-park fixing trailers (controlling costs in this area is too important to trust to unproven local contractors), an ‘economy-of-scale’ that comes from running numerous parks nearby, and much, much more. Basically, whatever it takes to run a successful MHP is what we do all the time, all day, every day, again and again.



One of the many things that this journey has taught us is just how much bad information about MHPs there is out there, and how little good. Even the many ‘MHP Boot Camps’ out there are teaching things that we don’t agree with and would never do, based on our experience and success with MHPs.

If you’ve been looking into MHPs for the first time, or already own a park, but don’t know where to turn for answers, you’ve already figured that out. It’s what landed you here. As Mobile Home Park Consultants, we offer our clients (MHP owners, buyers and sellers) the full benefit of all our knowledge, experience, expertise, and resources applied to their MHPs, to oversee their ongoing Operations and Turn-Around, and maximize their success. Call me any time to discuss your MHP wants, needs, questions, or problems. There is no cost or obligation, or high pressure. Call me, Sierra Tallone at (925) 413-7704 or email me at sierralynntallone@gmail.com.


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I’m Sierra Tallone and I’ve been working for CCI Investments since 2015. I graduated with a BA in Anthropology from SF State in 2014, though I’ve always had a passion for real estate. I’ve long dreamt of someday accruing enough passive income to fuel my dreams and my retirement, much like my father.

Soon after I graduated college, I took a job working for my dad, who was the VP of CCI at the time. He hired me to cold call mobile home park owners all over the south, and ask if they’d sell their parks. After a few months of that grueling work, my dad hired me to be his assistant. I started off conducting rent surveys and ghost ads, and soon enough I was being trained to replace him after his retirement. At this point, I’ve done just about everything you can imagine that has to do with mobile home parks, including flying to parks all over the country to conduct onsite due diligence.

As of February of this year, my dad accomplished what, I would imagine, you also hope to one day accomplish. He retired off of passive income from his mobile home parks.

I remember when my dad first joined CCI in 2006. He had been in real estate for about 25 years at that time. He had tried single family homes, plexes, a hotel, a motel. But just hadn’t found that dream investment. He then purchased a mobile home park in Modesto, CA, and Robert Merchant (owner and president of CCI) was the agent. My dad soon discovered that mobile home parks were the way to go, and Robert was the person to know.

I saw a noticeable difference in my dad’s attitude after he got into the mobile home park business. I could tell how much faith he had in it. And that’s what drew me in. Now I’ve seen it for myself. It’s been a privilege working so closely with Robert and my dad these past several years, learning directly from two of the top mobile home park experts.


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My name is Andy Tallone, and I am the Vice President of CCI Investments, LLC. I am a licensed California Real Estate Broker (CA DRE #00631135) and a Broker-Associate with CCI Real Estate (our sister-company).

I started my professional real estate career at the ripe old age of 22, in 1977, and never looked back. I started in Residential Real Estate in San Jose CA, then moved on to Real Estate Auctions, including the 1986 auction of 281 high-rise luxury beachfront condos in Bal Harbor FL that smashed all previous records for one-day real estate auctions.

I got my Brokers License in 1991 and opened Sierra Pacific Properties in San Jose CA, doing Residential, Land and some Developing. I was recruited by Dutra Realty, at the time the largest independent real estate firm in Alameda County, to head of several new departments in their growing operation, including helping to open their new Pleasanton office. That done, I went independent again, reopening Sierra Pacific Properties in 1995, now also in Pleasanton, concentrating on Residential Income Properties for Investors.



At one point, my dad had parlayed 4 houses together in the Bay Area. He had a lot of money tied up, but yet all he could manage to pull out of them was about $1,100 per month net, combined. And he was a seasoned pro! As any investor in Bay Area rental houses would tell you at that time, that’s actually pretty good! But for him, it wasn’t good enough. He had a plan, to build enough PASSIVE INCOME to retire on, and this wasn’t cutting it! He and my mom began vigilantly looking at alternatives. They called on ads, surfed the net…


That’s when he met Robert Merchant at CCI Real Estate. He called on one of his ads for a small Mobile Home Park in California’s Central Valley. One thing led to another and it quickly became obvious to him that he needed to liquidate those 4 houses and move that capital into the right piece of commercial property that would generate some real income.

That’s just what he did. He sold all 4 homes then rolled the money into a historic 24-room Hotel in Riverbank CA. It was making some money but he felt he could make it better. He fixed it up, added 4 rooms, improved the Manager’s Unit, changed managers, started running it better and within 6 months, it was pumping out $5,000+ per month, net. The same money that was barely producing $1,100 per month in the houses was now making us $5,000 per month! He was now convinced.


My dad didn’t use all his money on the hotel. He had enough left over to buy his first Mobile Home Park. Before long, he’d sold the Hotel, rolled that into a Motel and another Mobile Home Park and the empire just kept growing. All the while, his relationship with Robert Merchant was also growing.

As an independent broker, my dad was directing more and more of his Residential Income investor-clients to Robert for his High-Cash-Flow Commercial Property Investments. Before long, it became obvious to my dad that they should be working together. He joined the company in 2006. Since that time, our family has found Robert Merchant to be, not only incredibly good at the Mobile Home Park Business, but totally honest.

Over the past two decades, my father learned more about Mobile Home Parks than he knew existed. And over the past 8 years, he and Robert have been teaching it to me.

I have been involved in every aspect of the buying, due diligence, management, turn-around/Value Enhancement, financing, problem-solving, and reselling of MHPs all over the country. I work closely with Robert Merchant because we have found that, as a team, we can get more done and do a better job for our clients.



We see a lot of people in the MHP business, from every side of the table. Realtors, Property Managers, Buyers, Sellers, MHP owners, and wanna-be’s. We’ve learned from the best, constantly refining what we do, adding to our toolbox, and scaling up to be able to do a better job on even more parks.

What we have found is that no one that we are aware of does exactly what we do. Some Realtors may find you a MHP, they may even help you with your due diligence. But then, the day it closes, you’re on your own. Some Property Managers do a fine job (others not so fine) of MHP Management, but only certain narrow aspects of it (ie: rent collection, serving notices, doing the books).

These days, there are all sorts of “entrepreneurs” who work the fringes of the market, some offering expensive “MHP Boot Camps”, others might package Park-Owned Mobile Homes (POHs) and sell them to investors as rentals. You name it, we’ve seen it all. But no one (that we’ve seen, anyway) offers the complete package, cradle-to-grave, of the Park, the drafting and the implementation of the Operational Plan and a Turn-Around Plan. We don’t just tell what’s possible (ie: upside potential), we actually do it for you.

Every park, every situation, and every deal is different, so it would be impossible to go over everything that we do in detail in the space we have here. Suffice it to say that if it has anything to do with the Operations or Turn-Around of a MHP, we do it. We have the know-how, the experience, the people, the systems and the resources in place to run every aspect of MHP Operations anywhere in the country. We also have the wherewithal to massage these MHPs in ways that improve their Net Income, and increase their Value.


Our professional staff at CCI Real Estate, and at CCI Investments, LLC, Robert Merchant, and I personally, look forward to the opportunity to show you why we believe Mobile Home Parks are THE best investment on the market today.

Call me, Sierra Tallone any time at (925) 413-7704 or sierralynntallone@gmail.com. I love talking about MHPs, and there is no cost or obligation to the call, or high pressure. Call me.

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