MHP Book

Mobile Home Parks (MHPs) are red-hot! Real estate investors of every ilk are clamoring to acquire their first parks. Mobile Home Park owners are seeking to expand their portfolios. Asset managers, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and syndicators are gobbling up huge amounts of MHP inventory. Why all the fuss over Mobile Home Parks?
The first reason is that they can be incredible cash-flow machines. Secondly, their low entry cost is very attractive (especially when compared to apartment buildings, for instance). Thirdly, MHPs are famous for their upside potential, which is anything designed to increase the cash flow and/or the value of the park. Upside is not only what most investors seem to want these days, but it’s also almost the only choice.
In general, the real estate market is currently hotter than a pistol, but the MHP market is even hotter, because MHPs are just now moving toward mainstream acceptance.
An Insider’s Guide to Investing in Mobile Home Parks is the most informative and applicable MHP book on the market. It was written by an expert inside the MHP business who shares his secrets on how to find and evaluate MHPs, how to run them, and how to turn them around. Very few people even have this knowledge, and even fewer are willing to share it. This is your chance to learn everything you need to know about investing in Mobile Home Parks! Buy my MHP book today!