Your Next Big Investment: Why Mobile Home Parks for Sale Will Revolutionize Your Investment Portfolio in 2021

Congratulations, you’ve just stumbled upon your next greatest investment opportunity: mobile home parks for sale. According to outside survey service Statista, the property management industry crested 88.4 billion dollars in revenue in 2020 alone.

Mobile home parks for sale in your area are often overlooked when it comes to real estate investment. Many may see them as potential losses – but it’s actually quite the opposite. Read on to learn the three reasons that your local mobile home park for sale could be your best investment yet.

Mobile Home Parks for Sale – You’ve Seen the Signs, Now What?

You have seen the sign as you drive by, and have a single thought in your mind – what could the possibilities be?

You aren’t alone. Many real estate investors are becoming keen on the benefits that come with investing in a mobile home park.

According to Movity, there are approximately 22 million people living in mobile home parks across the country – which leaves a plethora of mobile home parks for sale, just waiting for investment.

Benefit #1: High Demand, Low Risk

The housing market in 2020-2021 has been hitting historic highs as Americans struggle to find a housing solution within their price range. Coupled with soaring inflation and unsatisfactory minimum wage rates, many are considering alternative housing options – such as tiny house living, van living, or mobile home parks.

When you make the choice to invest in a mobile home park for sale, you do so with minimal risk. When you invest in your park, you can enjoy the perks of ownership and have multiple housing units – whereas, in a traditional property investment situation, you would only walk away with a single house.

Your main cost will be spent on land, and less so on actual units. Essentially, you stand to gain more potential income than you would with a home investment – as you can rent out those multiple units for years to come. You likely will see a market surge as struggling millennials and generation Z members try to find housing in a grossly overpriced market.

Benefit #2: Less Competition…For Now

At the moment, the real estate market is not fully aware of the benefits of investing in mobile home parks – and for that reason, you stand to invest without the competition and affiliated professionals (such as real estate agents) trying to get an extra cut of your investment. You have the time and the space to do this type of investment – and also the market is in an ideal condition to take the leap, as we referenced in benefit #1.

Benefit #3: Enjoy the Macro-View of Operational Costs

It is important to distinguish the difference in roles between homeowner and property investor. A homeowner will generally take care of any sort of problems within the home – such as exterior or interior damages, weather damages, and essentially anything related to the home. This spares you the trouble of sourcing affordable home fix vendors and other specialists. Your responsibilities will be within the realm of the entire park, such as ensuring it is up to code or arranging large-scale fixes – such as new slurry, or other such duties.

Look Forward to Future Success

If you’re ready to take the leap into purchasing local mobile home parks for sale, contact us today. We are veteran experts in the sale of mobile home parks and have put together premium investment packages that ensure you walk away confident in your sale and investment plan. We do the work for you and walk alongside you through the process – assisting with things such as financing, the sale process, and planning to make sure that your investment is a success. Contact us at (925)-323-2134 to learn how to get started with investing in mobile home parks for
sale today!