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Recent Mobile Home Park Sales

We’ve made lots of Mobile Home Park Sales over the years, because MHPs are all that we do. We specialize in making our clients money with their Mobile Home Parks, and it all comes down to Operations. Whether it’s a MONTHLY CASH FLOW CHECK, or PROFITS ON A “FLIP”, we deliver great service from start-to-finish, to help ensure the success of the project. 

Mobile Home Park sales come in every shape and size. Some investors want great cash flow over the long haul, and we help our clients to maximize cash flow once they own it. Some investors want to make a quick profit then move on to the next deal. We help them make the changes and improvements necessary to increase its value for resale. Whether its for increased POSITIVE CASH FLOW or UPSIDE PROFITS, we call this process PRO FORMA, which means projecting what the NOI, the Cap Rate and/or the Value will be once certain things are done. 

Of course, every mobile home park is unique, and details differ. But, here are some recent examples of properties, mostly Mobile Home Park sales, that we have helped our Clients purchase, improve in some way, then resell at a Profit. This is just a partial list of the Mobile Home Park Sales that CCI Real Estate, our Calif real estate office has made, just in California:

* 42-space MHP, Atwater CA; Assumed $850K Zero Down. Fixer-upper park

* 19-space MHP, Porterville CA; Sold for $400K w/Seller Financing. 15% Return!

* 90-space MHP, Atwater CA; Purchased for $2.4M, Resold for $3.6M

* Shopping Center, Greeley Hill CA; Purchased for $1M, Resold for $1.35M

* 23-unit Apartment, Hughson CA; Purchased for $1.1M, Resold for $1.9M

* 28-room Hotel, Riverbank CA, Purchased & Resold 5 times: $440K, $550K, $700K, $915K & $1.15M

* 21-space MHP, San Andreas CA; Purchased for $625K, Resold for $970K

* 98-space RV Park, Corning CA; Purchased for $1.35M, Resold for $1.85M

* Multi-Family w/Mini-Storage Units, Keyes CA; Purchased for $625K, Resold for $975K

* 28-space MHP, Stockton CA; Purchased for $950K, Resold for $1.25M

* Land, on Londale Road, Oakdale CA; Purchased for $1M, Resold for $1.25M

* Commercial Building, Empire CA; Purchased for $149K, Resold for $350K, Resold again for $450K

* 75-space MH & RV Park, Santa Nella CA; Purchased for $2.1M, Resold for $3.2M

* Mixed-use Commercial/Residential Building, Manteca CA; Purchased for $450K, Resold for $975K

* 67-space MH & RV Park, Newman CA; Purchased for $1M, Resold for $1.3M, Resold again for $1.8M

* 17-unit Shopping Center, Oakdale CA; Purchased for $820K, Resold for $1.6M

* 28-space MHP, Riverbank CA; Purchased for $720K, Resold for $1.1M, Resold again for $1.5M

* 64-space MH & RV Park, Fairfield CA; Purchased for $1.55M, Resold for $2.6M

* 60-space MHP, Porterville CA; Purchased for $750K, Resold for $1.15M, Resold again for $1.6M

* 47-space RV Park, Angels Camp CA; Purchased for $1.3M, Resold for $1.795M

* Multi-Family, Oakdale CA; Purchased for $149K, Resold for $250K

* 212 Subdivision Lots, Orland CA; Purchased for $3.6M, Resold for $7.4M

* 50 Subdivision Lots, Livingston CA; Purchased $1M, Resold $1.5M

For more info, please call me, Andy Tallone (925) 323-2134 or email me at

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Mobile Home Park Sales


How can we help our clients buy, then resell so many Mobile Home Park sales at such big profits?


In addition to Mobile Home Park Sales, we offer a complete range of Property Management services through CCI Property Management, including full offsite Management, Hiring, Training and Managing onsite employees, Accounting and Bill-Paying, and Marketing (filling vacancies, if any). A Mobile Home Park that is well-run is worth more.


Since the value of Commercial Property is so heavily dependent upon the Net Operating Income (NOI) that the property produces, having accurate, credible financial records is imperative to getting the highest price the on your Mobile Home Park sale.


But we can also go well beyond that, by providing the kinds of services that investors need to enhance the values of their properties quickly so that they can resell at a profit. This is done through a variety of means, different on every property, that could include cosmetic and/or other physical improvements to the property, expansion (adding spaces and/or units), raising rents, filling vacancies, improving operations, reducing expenses, or many other things.

As complicated as it sounds, the process is seamless (and painless) for our Investor-Clients because we do it all for them. Or rather our full-time staff of Property Managers does it for them. Often, improvements can be made using the cash flow the property already produces, so that no additional investment is required. Again, every case is different. But, in the end, the result is the same:

VALUE ENHANCEMENT WORKS! And that means more Mobile Home Park sales. We’ve made millions for our clients using this formula, and we want to be a part of your investment team. And WE WILL RETURN YOUR CALLS.

Mobile Home Park Sales


Call or email us to learn more about the kinds of Mobile Home Park investments we have right now. Some are ‘on the market’, and some are not. Some are TURNKEY PROPERTIES (making good cash flow from the start, but not much Upside), and some are TURN-AROUND PROPERTIES (maybe not great income now, but huge potential to increase income and value). We can often show you several of each, as well as a plan for each one, whether you plan to resell it in a a couple of years for BIG PROFITS, or hold on to it long-term for the EXCELLENT CASH FLOW.


If you would like more information on MHPs please call me, Andy Tallone, CCI Investments at (925) 323-2134 or email me at

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